Sweet Potato Celery Ginger Soup

Yes, I need to take a class on food photography. But I probably won't within the next five years (or ever). I swear, it was the steam clogging up the lens, but anyway this is roughly what it looks like if you put it in a black bowl.

Yes, I need to take a class on food photography. But I probably won’t within the next five years (or ever). I swear, it was the steam clogging up the lens, but anyway this is roughly what it looks like if you put it in a black bowl.

I’m really not that into cooking and recipes. I cook because I have to eat, and sometimes when I’m sick of eating whatever the hell happens to be around, I’ll cook something halfway healthy. The odds of this happening increase the longer I have continuously either eaten like a rabbit (nuts and fruit), or like garbage. The latter is what I did with aplomb last night (and okay… this morning…).

It all started last night…

When my amazing and the world’s-best-ever-neighbor brought us over a tin full of all different kinds of cookies she’d made, which were awesome. Plus chocolate. Let me just say the last twenty four hours were not my finest ones.

Combined with the fact that…

I had a bunch of sweet potatoes that needed to be cooked.

So yesterday, while Blue was healing from his testicular chopping, I got into Betty Crocker mode and decided to cook something.

Since I’m not very creative in the kitchen, and this was the mode of the day, I chopped them up (the sweet potatoes, that is). I never peel anything unless it’s absolutely necessary–and with sweet potatoes, it isn’t. Then, like the cunning culinary lady that I am, I threw them in a pot with some water and boiled until they were edible.

By that, I just mean soft. Again, we’re talking sweet potatoes.

I had a plate of them for dinner with just some olive oil and apple cider vinegar (sounds gross maybe, but I put that concoction on basically everything– it prevents me from having to reach into the spice cabinet). Then I had a junk ton of cookies and candy like the grown-up that I am not.

So this morning I still had this pot of sweet potatoes that was basically sweet potato soup, since I hadn’t drained the water, that I didn’t know what to do with. I also had some celery and some ginger, so I figured, why not make it a gathering.

I re-flammed the burner and added celery, salt, pepper, and some fresh ginger (sliced into thin pieces).

The result? Good enough for me to write a post when I really would rather be reading a book. (Don’t worry, I already vacuumed and did the dishes. And my nails. ;) )


Sweet potatoes


Fresh Ginger


Salt and pepper to taste

Optional: Bouillon cubes

Note: I’m not vague purposefully or to be a jerk. I’m vague because I cook things vaguely. I figure you can always doctor it up with the right amount of things, when it all comes down to the wire.

You know, the procrastonomy method. It’s a branch of gastronomy. Don’t ask so many questions.

1. The sweet potatoes will take the longest to cook, so start those off first.

2. When they’re mostly cooked, add the chopped celery.

(You did chop the celery, right? Okay, good because I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention that above.)

3. Also add the ginger*.

If you would prefer not to have the ginger pieces in the final product (I happen to eat my pieces, but they’re rather pungent so some people would probably prefer not) then leave them in larger chunks so that you can strain them out.

*Witty culinary idea: remember the number of pieces you put in the soup so that it’s easier to fish every one out later.

4. Simmer on low until the celery and sweet potatoes are soft. Eventually, the sweet potatoes will actually become the broth. So when you stir them up, they’ll fall into pieces and color and flavor the water. Like I said, I left the skin on for fiber.

5. Salt and pepper to taste, and bouillon cube or three if you like. (The bouillon is the only thing that will take you from vegan to not, so if you wanna stay in the v-clear, don’t add this unless it’s vegetable-based).

I don’t have amounts for any of this stuff because I just eyeball it. Obviously if you want more of a stew, add less water. If you want more of a soup, add more. To start off the base, I filled a pot with sweet potato chunks and then added enough water to boil them down. Once I had the base, I added as much celery and ginger as my inner chef allowed.

I was surprised at how good this turned out and I know it was because of the ginger. The celery is great too, though, because its bitterness and water content balances out the starchy sweet potato base.

It’s a really, really good and freaking simple soup. And on a snowy day like today, all I want it soup.

And candy…and cookies…


Since this writing, I experimented by adding a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar to the finished soup, and let me just say… It’s– I mean, I’m– brilliant.



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